Site Accessibility

Attitude BnB is for everyone, and the whole site is totally inclusive for wheelchairs up to 700mm width, so no-one is excluded. It has level, off-street disability parking. Ramps of 1 in 12 grade, ideal for wheelchairs, lead up to the boardwalks which are the full length of the sides of the house. The rear of the house is tiled, and level entry also. This provides easy level-entry access to all rooms. A ramp takes you up to the deck level, which leads to a curved boardwalk, that enables you to access the upper level of the pool, where the hoist is situated. All doors are a minimum of 900mm wide or wider, ranch sliders are kept to a minimum weight for easy sliding.

"This brand new purpose-built ‘wheelchair accessible’ guest accommodation is amazing."

Pool Accessibility

This is Loren who stayed with her partner and 2 boys. The 1st wheelchair person to use the hoist. She loved being in the spa. We had so much love and laughter the 2 days they were here, gorgeous family. She is happy for me to share her video.
  • The pool has a shallow and a deep end, the shallow end has 4 steps and a seat, the deep end has a curved seat to rest on if you should feel tired.
  • There are 3 steps into the spa and then a step down onto the curved seat.
  • The hoist is situated on the west side of the wall near the joint of the pool and spa, so it can lower wheelchair guests into either pool. Access to the hoist is via a ramp up to the deck, and a curved board walk around to the top level. The hoist will place you onto the seat in either the pool or the spa. Once you are comfortable, any flotation devices can be fitted and the chair arms raised, before you move off the seat.
  • The spa is 6 sq metres and can accommodate 4 – 5 people comfortably
  • The pool is 112 sq metres, curved to utilize the space in the backyard.
  • The depth of the pool is 1300 mm at the shallow end, and 2000 mm at the deep end
  • This pool can be hired separately for people wanting to do Rehabilitation/ Hydrotherapy or just have a leisurely swim in privacy, rather than going to a public pool. If you wish to bring your Physiotherapist to your session, you are very welcome.
  • Direct wheelchair access under the verandah provides level-entry into the pool bathroom, this is a full disability bathroom, the same as the guest room bathrooms.
  • The pool bathroom is available for you to shower and change.
  • Price to hire pool/spa complex are to be confirmed.

Bathroom Accessibility

bathroom accessibility
  • Each bathroom is 2.5 x2 m to give manoeuvring space for a wheelchair.
  • The floor is non slip grade of tiles, creating a wet area.
  • Under floor heating.
  • A weighted shower curtain encloses a space 1200 x1200mm when showering
  • ‘Wave’ basins have been imported from Italy which provide forearm support. These have a clear space under them for wheelchair access.
  • The mirrors behind the basins are positioned from the basin height, for people sitting, up to the height of a standing person.
  • Taps are lever, which are the easiest to use.
  • The doors are cavity sliders, with Cavi-lock lever handles
  • All rails are safety rails (including towel rails) and are designed to hold a person of 150kgs plus.
  • An emergency alert button is located within arm’s length of the floor in case someone falls and wishes to alert me. It connects directly to my cell phone.
  • A 800mm seat folds down so you can shower sitting down, there is room to transfer from your wheelchair to this seat
  • Toilet seats are at 48cm height, to suit wheelchair transfers. They all have soft closing lids.
  • Each toilet has safety arms for you to use to lower yourself down and lift yourself up, on these arms are toilet rolls, so you can use left or right, whichever you find most convenient.
  • The shower has a slide and hose attached to a safety rail, to enable the shower head to be able to be set at a convenient height, or to use free.
  • Windows are divided into 4 horizontally, so they can be opened from different heights, they have frosted glass, and a block-out curtain.
  • All facilities and switches are below 1100mm.